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30 day challenge grocery store staples

A question I get a lot is where do I shop? Well, it depends on the week, how busy am I, whats on my meal plan and what I’m out of. I cannot fully identify with any “type” of diet either. I’m not keto because I eat carbs and do not eat dairy and I limit my fat grams to around 45g a day via macro counting. I am not paleo because I do eat grains (rice, corn, potatoes, quinoa) and I do not eat eggs. I’m not vegan because I do eat meat. I am basically a gluten free vegan that eats meat in a plant based and whole food focused mentality. However, this updated list will not include corn, potatoes or white rice and will accomodate for the 30 days to healthy living grocery shopping tips. 

So this list will be a rough suggestion of staples and favorite finds from various stores. If I really like the item and I can find it in multiple stores it may be listed twice. I will probably not have direct links or pictures of these items. If you need to know more than a google search can show you or you can’t locate it in said store, message me.

My most shopped store and instacart delivery favorite for budget friendly weekly staples is… ALDI!

  1. unsweetened vanilla almond milk (can be found at ANY Store, even the dollar general
  2. nitrate free chicken sausage links (also found at publix, super yummy. quick breakfast, Josiah and I love them)
  3. all produce… cilantro is like .89 you all. onions cheap. lemons, limes, cheap. 
  4. Frozen organic berries for smoothies
  5. gluten free LENTIL pastas
  1. canned coconut milk for those dairy subs when a thickening item like heavy cream is needed
  2. flax seeds (can be made to sub for eggs, add in smoothies, etc)
  3. almond flour
  4. organic BROWN rice
  5. quiona
  6. freezer bag of cauliflower rice
  7. ground turkey is like $3 for 19oz
  8. simply nature organic chicken broth
  9. dry beans (instant loss has a great refried bean recipe btw)
  10. decent beef jerky
  11. Agave or pure maple syrup
  12. coconut oil
  13. olive oil spray
  14. avocado oil
  15. Frozen brussels, asparagus, green beans, butternut squash, sweet potatoes
  16. Grass fed ground beef, steaks, beef tips
  17. Organic chicken 
  18. eggs

Onto Target (target online or drive up for dry goods)

  1.  hellman’s vegan mayo (i do not eat eggs)
  2. Other organic mayos
  3. kind fruit pressed bars with chia seeds
  4. oscar myer nitrate free turkey deli meat (Wylie’s lunches)
  5. banza pasta (chickpea, has tons of protein and less carbs, lots of types online, lasagna, abc’s etc)
  6. Coconut aminos for soy sauce sub
  7. dried fruit
  8. tuna pouch (plain)
  9. archer farms Pure maple syrup (not pancake syrup)
  10. coconut flour
  11. frozen zoodles
  12. Siete chips 


  1. produce galore (spinach, berries, green beans, brussels, sweet potatoes)
  2. riced cauliflower frozen huge bags
  3. Zoodles
  4. Frozen stir fry veggies
  5. nitrate free turkey lunch meat
  6. boxed shelf almond milk
  7. cold almond milks
  8. rao spaghetti sauce (low sugar)
  9. veggie delite muffins (made with eggs, my mom loves these, also at Food city)
  10. rotisserie chickens (break them down and use for meals during the week or chicken salad)
  11. plant based queso (seen at earthfare, whole foods also)
  12. cassava flour
  13. almond flour
  14. coconut oil
  15. Frozen berries
  16. Canned salmon
  17. Beef jerky (yellow bag)
  18. Canned tomato products
  19. Canned black beans
  20. Canned coconut milks
  21. all types of shelled nuts
  22. Coco nibs
  23. Caoca powder
  24. Organic eggs


  1. Siete chips
  2. Siete almond flour or cassava tortilla shells in frozen section
  3. baking flours (almond, coconut, gluten free flour)
  4. kite hill almond cream cheese
  5. lots of dairy free yogurts (unsweetned by kite hill for plan)
  6. nitrate free meats/turkey or chicken sausages
  7. Voila dairy free cheese slices and shreds
  8. ginger juice
  9. earth balance butter tub/sticks or country crock plant butter
  10. gluten free old fashioned oats
  11. Organic eggs
  12. Turkey sausage
  13. Organic chicken
  14. Onions, produce etc
  15. alexia sweet potato fries

Food City

  1. Frozen berries
  2. Steamable veggies
  3. Meats
  4. Produce
  5. Organic eggs
  6. Many of the above items if you look, they will have the basics for sure. I do not shop here much but caleb does. 


  1. Some have vegan cheeses
  2. coconut aminos (big bottle)
  3. almond milks
  4. Produce
  5. Steamable veggies
  6. Frozen berries
  7. Organic eggs


  1. vegan sour cream
  2. Voila cheese
  3. lots of primal kitchen brand dressings (although i make mine homemade usually)
  4. arrowroot
  5. bob’s red mill baking powder (aluminum free)

If you can’t find what you need in this list, Trader Joes, amazon, vita cost (app), Thrive (memebrship app)  and Whole foods all have TONS of options. These are just the stores I frequent and things I enjoy buying for me and my family. I do not always buy everything on this list. Obviously you can read labels for yourself to see if a certain cracker, chip, cookie or whatever has the allergen you are avoiding on it. Keep in mind unless it has the “GF” logo on the food itself, its not certified. Some ingredients contain “natural flavors” which could contain gluten. The less ingredients something you buy the better. The easier you can pronounce those ingredients, the better. Everyone wants to lose weight, but no one focuses on a major lifestyle change and being healthy first. Why not get healthier first and see what happens? My mom lost 30 pounds just eliminating gluten alone, because inflammation weighs something.

Go to places to eat out:

  1. Chic fila (grilled chicken plain or salad, kale salad)
  2. Dos Bros (my fave- taco salad, no rice, bring your own chips)
  3. el metate (fajitas, no cheese or sour cream with no rice or tortillas)
  4. Jimmy John’s (lettuce wrap sandwich)
  5. captain D’s (grilled fish and shrimp, green beans, salad, broccoli)
  6. Public house
  7. Urban stack
  8. Taco mamacita

This post got a little long! Just scratching the surface here! Feel free to reach out even if you are standing in the store dazed and confused.

Love your guts,


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