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I get by with a little help from my friends

So I have not written a blog in a while. It’s been a very busy holiday season. It’s a new year and decade and without actually proclaiming I would do more with my instagram and sharing information, I have done so. So my blog needs to be updated more so too because I have some new followers. I have no idea the topic in which to write about though. I have a list of ideas but I obviously can’t do them all at once. I have asked for topic suggestions but no one gave me feedback, yet. So I am going to blog, asking and also just maybe piggybacking a post from my feed I did yesterday.

Friends and strangers, I need your help. No heavy lifting, no money. I just want your attention and support. That can happen by just following my blog, my instagram, commenting or liking posts on social media, throwing out suggestions, asking questions, sharing my posts, tagging me in your posts etc. It’s really not that hard. I sometimes become astonished in today’s social media world how hard it is for someone to “push like” on a post I know they scrolled by. I see people liking other’s posts, but pay no mind to others. And somethings I post may not be your cup of tea. You may hate kids. (what kind of human being are you, though?) You may be more healthy and fit than me and don’t need any of my advice. Kudos, scroll on. My point is, if you follow/friend me for a reason, then just participate or throw me a bone and that makes a huge difference in the future content of my posts. I get my ideas from interacting with people. When I’m at work, I think of so many things I want to post or discuss. Then to just get home and get busy with being a mom and wife that the idea fizzles away or gets put on the back burner for another day.

I posted the other day a quote about you can influence others more by showing love than you can by sharing information so I wanted to expound upon that a little. (the post will be at the bottom of this post) Again, I’m not spitting out Pub Med articles at you or doing research in my basement. I know what I know from personal use/experience, reading articles/blogs/books, and following people who know about the topics/products I’m interested in on instagram usually. I think back to the day I saw a friend from grad school post about helping her baby feel better and herself via essential oils. If she had never written that post, putting herself out there to share with the world, I would have never known about them (at least not as early as I did). So, I am beyond grateful for people like Rachel and even myself that share these things to help others. As many of you maybe roll your eyes at the world of sharing products we love, it’s what business is now days. Everything is on the internet. And why would you not want to buy from or just simply support someone you know doing what the are passionate about (selling or just sharing information), than someone you know (went to high school with, met in college, work with, go to church with, friend of a friend, etc) than some random stranger or rich CEO with ten vacation homes already when I’m just trying to buy enough food to feed my hungry kids?

To wrap this up, I just wanted to let you know I’m going to continue to share things as God lays it on my heart to do so. I love cooking, pictures, health, fitness, family, animals, people, we share what we love and care most about. My kids, my dogs, food I cook, things I buy, things I like, people I like, businesses I like, household and beauty products I think are safe/high quality, supplements we take, how we promote/build wellness, exercise habits/accountability/motivation, and anything else that may spark my attention. Not everything will apply to you, but in the big picture it should. I have done what I thought I never could do. I have became happy and healthy. Seems simple doesn’t it? 2 years ago, I was far from it. Sure I tried to eat somewhat clean, I used essential oils sometimes, worked out sometimes. But my heart wasn’t in it. It took me 2 years to drastically alter and feel comfortable with a whole new way to eat/shop/eat out. Took me 2 years to make exercise feel like a reward to myself versus a punishment or chore I avoided like the plague. 2 years to streamline grocery shopping, meal planning and prepping so I’m fueling my body properly and not eating from a drive thru window or just plain skipping meals at all. 1 year to sleep through the night for the first time since 2014. 2 years to change at least 80% of the personal and household products we use to toxin free ones. 2 years to not freak out if my plans were altered, things didn’t go my way, someone was making me late. Way more than 2 years to realize God is always there and always got my back. 2 years to know in my heart that is true and to never feel an anxious flutter again. 2 years to tell my friends/spouse/family in confidence to not worry, because I’m not worried and mean it.

I share because I care about my friends, family and random instagram strangers/blog readers. I share because if the things I have done can give you the peace I have, then I have to shout it from the rooftops. I share because everyone should want to feel good and I share because God lays it on my heart to do so. In turn, it gives me the opportunity to tell everyone what He has done for me, and for all of us, if we just “like, share and follow Him.”

Instagram post:

Sometimes in the past I’ve been hesitant to post. First of all, I am not a nutritionist or a naturopath (although I would love to be). I’m a physical therapist. A wife and mom of 2. I have experience with dealing and helping care for people from infants to a century old. Healthy and not. I have experience with my own post partum anxiety, autoimmune issues and widespread joint pain. My thoughts are all over the place and I post when I find the time amongst working full time and running my family.


I know it’s hard to hear things you should be doing and you aren’t. You want to do better. You want a change. You have no idea where to start. You are in denial of the issue altogether. You don’t want to change. You can’t afford it. You are overwhelmed. If there was an excuse for it, I probably voiced it at some time too.


But then I get messages or told how much my posts and advice help. How many people see it and take note and wish they could do better too. And it sparks me to share more and more. And I’m not going to hold back anymore.


I probably won’t write a major web blog, book or become an entrepreneur, although many successful people did big things later on in life. I just simply want to show friends, family and even strangers a better way to care for themselves and their family. In love. I see people suffering every single day. I’ve suffered. I’ve been succumbed to thinking a doctor and a pharmacy could be my only options. Until it wasn’t. Until by the grace of God, someone told me otherwise.


To those who shared with me and changed EVERYTHING- thank you!


So I will keep sharing. If you don’t want to see it, scroll onward. But one day when something changes and you realize the things I already have, I’ll be here, sharing the love.

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3 thoughts on “I get by with a little help from my friends

  1. Love it! I should really get on IG so I can follow more, ha! I’m getting some questions ready for you;)


    1. you should! i am way more comfortable sharing on there and in stories. FB is to “people i know lol” Thank you sweet friend!


  2. Thank you for what you’re doing. I met a friend of yours the other day (she is a nurse) and was given the name of your blog. It’s a blessing to find you, keep doing this good work! I will definitely find you on IG. Food is absolutely medicine and I am a believer also, started pressing in closer this year and feeling pulled to nutrition. I’m still healing but this is so encouraging. God bless you ❤ 🙏


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